Nevada corporation total only $283.00

Including incorporation $194 and the first year Registered Agent $89.
If you have your own Registered Agent, the total fee is only $194.

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What will you receive?

Corporation Articles & Corporate Charter

Two defining documents are Nevada Corporation Articles & Corporate Charter.

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Nevada INC - Questions & Answers

Frequently Asked Questions about incorporating, our services and doing business in Nevada. Free advice from our Las Vegas based incorporation company.

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How can we offer one of the fastest expedite services for filing Nevada corporations and LLCs?

When we receive the order online, we will process it in 60 minutes. Then we will submit the paperwork to the Secretary of State for 24-hour processing. The next business day we receive the filed Articles by email from the Secretary of State, and email them to you. (We can't guarantee processing time by Secretary of State.) But still I don't think you will find anyone with better system in Nevada.

John Vanhara - President, Inc. Nevada Incorporation Services.

Once your company is set up, you will need:

  1. Tax ID (EIN) - free over the Internet or phone.
  2. Initial List - The Initial List is required by most of the banks to open a bank account. We can file it for you.
  3. Company Minutes - we can prepare minutes for director and shareholder meetings, bylaws, operating agreemenet for only $20-$25. This is probably the lowest price you will ever find. This should be done immediately after incorporation.

Yearly requirements and fees for Nevada corporations

The Annual list with a $125 fee for corporations and LLCs has to be filed each year with the state. We will remind you by email about this requirement 1-2 months before it is due. Be sure to keep updated information with us!

As of 03/08/2012 the Secretary of State requires a state business license to be filed with all for profits companies annual reports including the initial list. The cost of the business license is $200. There are no longer exemptions that can be claimed for the state business license.

For more information please see the following link:

Resident Agent annual fee is $89, but if you pre-pay, we give you additional years for only $40.

Annual minutes You can use our free forms or use our full service for preparing annual meeting of directors and shareholders for only $20.

Satisfaction guaranteed!
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"I just wanted to show my appreciation for the work that your company has done on our behalf. it was truly professional and within the expected time line. thank you for a job well done..."
"We would like to thank you for your prompt processing of our recent Annual List of Managers with The State of Nevada. Your service is amazingly fast, professional and affordable! We will always trust EASTBIZ.COM for all our important business needs..."

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