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  Free Corporation & LLC forms

There are certain steps you should take once your corporation or LLC is set up. We provide free forms including stock and membership certificates to our clients. We also offer full service in preparing company minutes for only $20-$25.

FREE Corporations forms available
  • Pre-incorporation agreement
  • Send notice of first directors meetings
  • Establish corporate bylaws;
  • Record the minutes of the first meeting of the board of directors;
  • Notify shareholders of shareholders meeting
  • Distribute Proxies where necessary
  • Prepare consent of shareholders recording and ratifying acts taken at shareholders meeting.
  • Prepare Minutes of shareholders meeting

    Stock Certificates


    FREE LLC  forms available

  • LLC operating agreement, which sets out the rights and responsibilities of the LLC members.
  • LLC Short version. Short form typically used for single member LLC, or where specificity in the operating procedures is neither needed nor desired.
  • Long form when you have numerous members and/or you wish to provide as much specificity as possible on how the LLC is to be operated. This form allows for vesting of management of the LLC in the members or in a designated manager.  If members elect to manage the Company, this agreement also allows officers to be appointed and covers various other previsions.

    LLC Membership Certificates

    Save your time and use our full service. We will prepare the company minutes and email them to you just for you signature. We will also upload all documents to your online account so they will be available to you anytime you need them (forever free). It cost only $20-$25 for one meeting (full set of documents).

    New: Preparing company minutes (shareholder, director, member meetings, bylaws, operating agreement) $20-$25.
    Other companies are charging $100-$250 for the same service!, Inc.
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