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Maine Incorporation Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to reserve a corporate name?
No, but it is recommended to reserve a name prior to filing to ensure that it remains available during the incorporation process.

How do I reserve a corporate name?
The reservation of your corporate name will be handled by IncParadise and is included in the price of our service.

Do I have to renew my name registration?

How do I incorporate in Maine?
When using our service, IncParadise will file, on your behalf, the required administrative forms and articles of incorporation with the appropriate Maine agency.

Is a registered agent required?
Yes. In Maine a registered agent is also referred to as a Clerk. The registered agent/clerk must be (1) an individual Maine resident or (2) a corporation, foreign or domestic, authorized to do business or carry on activities in Maine. As part of our ongoing service, IncParadise does provide a registered agent service option that you can select during the online registration process.

How many Incorporators are required to form a corporation in Maine?
One or more.

How many Directors are required to start a corporation in Maine?
One or more, to be stated in the bylaws.

Are corporations in Maine required to file an Annual Report?
A report must be filed each year, except for the first year of incorporation. This report must be filed each year between January 1 and June 1 in the calendar year following the year of incorporation.

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