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Why incorporate in Maine?

Business Information & Rankings

  • Maine ranked 19th on the Cost-of-Doing-Business Index. (Milken Foundation, 2005
  • Maine has the 5th Fairest State Tax System in the nation. (Corporation for Enterprise Development.)
  • Maine was one of 10 states to receive an ?A? in the Corporation for Enterprise Development's 2005 Assets and Opportunity Scorecard.

Cost of Living Index

There is no government data available on the cost of living in Maine.

Crime Rate

Maine has the 5th lowest crime ranking in the U.S. (F.B.I., 2004)

Fees & Taxes

Business Inventory Tax

Business inventory is exempt.

Corporate Income Tax

First $25.000 3.5 %
Next $50.000 7.93 %
Next $5.000 3.0 %
Next $175.000 8.33 %
Over $250.000 8.93 %

Alternative minimum tax imposed equal to the amount by which the state minimum tax (27% of adjusted federal tentative minimum tax) exceeds Maine income tax liability, other than withholding tax liability.

Personal Income Tax

Maine's personal income tax system consists of four brackets with top rate of 8.5% starting at an income level of $16,699.

Personal Property Tax

All real and tangible personal property located in the state of Maine is taxable unless specifically exempted by statute. Maine does not levy an intangible personal property tax.

Property taxes vary and are assessed locally, but a statewide program enables businesses to recoup taxes paid on new personal property. Qualified property placed in service after April 1, 1995, is eligible for a full State reimbursement for a maximum of 12 years. Eligible property includes any machinery and equipment used exclusively for business purposes, except office furniture and lighting fixtures.

State Sales and Use Tax

Base Rate: 5.0%
Machinery Rate: None

An exemption on the sales of machinery and equipment used by the purchaser directly in producing tangible personal property to be sold or leased for final use.

Unemployment Insurance

Maine's new employers' rate is 1.73% for 1 year., Inc.
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