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Articles submission as a great way for advertising

Here is a great piece of information from one of our users about article submissions. I am personally thinking about trying that for some time. There are many ways how you can promote your new business without big cost and this is one of them.

Business owners have discovered that submitting articles to an article directories has many benefits for their business. Writing a good and effective article and submitting it to an article directory offers much more than the typical advertising campaign. Who would resist submitting articles for free and same time promoting your products and expecting to be viewed by hundreds or even thousands of readers in the world! Read more here.

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How to create buzz for your new startup

Here is a new website offering service, where you can promote your website using blogs. I think this is a great idea how to create buzz and hype for new startups.

For example you got a new product or service. You just started a new company website. It is very difficult to get a word out or have other website link back to you. Payperpost is a solution to that problem. You can offer to pay bloggers for writing articles about your company or products and offer them small reward for doing that. For example you can set up campaign offering $5 for writing post about your company. 

I am testing this service both from company account promoting some of our websites and as a blogger. If you are interested about results write a comment below.

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Stanford study: Overpaying for Pay-per-click

Are you starting your business and thinking about pay per click advertising on Google or Yahoo? 

Jason Lee Miller wrote in Stanford: SEMs Are Getting Screwed: “Search engine marketers that don’t know what they’re doing are getting ripped off in keyword auctions, according to a new study released from Stanford Graduate School of Business. The researchers claim pay-per-click engines like Google and Yahoo! have modified an older bidding model to maximize profits.”

I have to say that we at are using some pay per click advertising too, but we bid very low. Often the smallest bid possible.  I cannot understand how our competitors can pay $5-$8 per click and still make money. The above mentioned article is good eye opener about pay per click ads.

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