Independent Director Services

Why use independent director service? For those who want additional privacy and their name not to appear on the Articles of Incorporation or Initial/Annual List that is filed with the Nevada Secretary of State. The nominee service can be used for Corporations or Limited Liability Companies.

We can be your nominee Director and/or Officer in your Corporation. We can be your nominee Manager in your Limited Liability Company. (You have to choose to have your company managed by managers when setting up the LLC).

You, as the shareholder, will elect our representative to serve as manager/officer/director for your corporation or LLC. In the time that we will hold the function, we will file Initial/Annual list of Officers/Managers. We will have no other authorization to sign any contracts or represent the company in any other matters. Immediately after filing is completed we will resign.

How it works? We will serve as your director/officer/manager for a limited period of time and file Nevada Annual List at that time. Our director will be listed on that list in the public record. Due to the IRS regulations our director cannot apply for your EIN (Tax ID).

Ordering instructions: If interested in our nominee director service, please order the service and we will send you minutes to sign.
Please sign as soon as possible.

Pricing: $500 nomination contract fee

Order Nominee/Independent Officer/Director/Manager:
2. Fax payment form (HTML)

Documents that are helpful when using Nominee/Independent Officer/Director/Manager:
Resolution for opening a bank account (PDF). Click here for (HTML)

For those who need more active company officer we offer service called Company Secretary. This service is useful for international companies expanding to U.S.A. See more info here.
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