Resolution to Open Bank Accounts

Corporation Name: ___________________________________________

WHEREAS, the Board of Directors has determined it to be in the best interest of the Corporation to establish a banking resolution with

______________________________________________________________, (_the Bank).

RESOLVED, that the Vice President of Finance of the Corporation is hereby authorized to designate any bank or trust company in any city in the United States (the _Bank_) as a depository for the funds of Corporation.

RESOLVED, further, that the Vice President of Finance of the Corporation, namely: ________________________ is hereby authorized to name and designate in writing any officer or officers, employee or employees of the Corporation to withdraw the funds of the Corporation deposited with any one or more of said depositaries by checks or drafts, in the name of Corporation._

The persons, whose signatures appear below, one of whom is a Director of the Company, have been duly authorized to mandate the opening of the account. The information provided for the opening of this account is true and correct in all material respect.


Dated: ____________________________________ Dated: ___________

Name: __________________________________________Name: __________..

_Designation: Director__________________________________________ Designation: ___.__.__.

Signature: ______________________________ Signature: ___.______