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About, Inc.

I had some experience with incorporation business since 1996., Inc. company operating website was started in April 1999.  It started as a software company in the heights of dot com boom. Later it converted to incorporation service company.  Basically no one wanted to hear anything about software or internet after the Nasdaq crashed in 2001.

That happened when I physically moved to Las Vegas, Nevada in 2001. My goal was to focus on one jurisdiction and make the whole incorporation process as efficient as possible. We are locally based incorporator in Las Vegas and therefore we can keep the whole process under our control. Our current setup allows us to charge less than competitors and still have a profitable business operation. We tend to offer additional services like mail forwarding with scanning of letters, which is requested by many of our customers.

We have grown number of services during the years. We are currently able to incorporate your business or serve as registered agent in all 50 States.

We are real people helping you to succeed!


If you are unhappy with our services please do not hesitate to contact our office manager Claire Reid ( or me personally

John Vanhara, CEO, Inc. – (

Few more words about me. 

I am a serial entrepreneur. I love starting new businesses. One of the business I started was Shipito (international package forwarding business), which grew to $30M in sales and 160 employees at the time I sold it. Shipito was named by Inc Magazine as the fastest growing logistics company in America.

I invest in startups through AngelList, Microventures or EquityZen.

From time to time I speak at startup conferences.


I get inspired talking to young people who wants to start their own businesses.


I was one of the investors of the TV show Shark Tank (called “Den D” in Czech Republic).

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Investo²i - DEN D 265

That was pretty cool experience. About three weeks of filming the whole season of the show. After talking to so many startups it was hard to even keep track where did I invest or what the startup presented to us.;-)

I like to keep close tab on my businesses, but don’t take the active role anymore. I position myself in more strategic role. Basically I want to know exactly what is going on. I like to make strategic decisions, but I am not involved in day to day operation anymore. The main reason is that I value my time very much. I am known of disliking meetings and conference calls. So I am trying to avoid those as much as I can. I love to hire people who I can empower with a lot of responsibilities and let them grow together with the company. I never hired outside managers. I always find someone from within who grew enough to take on more responsibilities.

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How to reach our staff

Call toll free: 888-284-3821 or our office number: 702-871-8678.

Our office is located at

5348 Vegas Dr.
Las Vegas
NV 89108

Come and see us when you visit fabulous Las Vegas! Between Jones & Decatur.

To check our references, please go to the Nevada Secretary of State website. You will see thousands of companies in Nevada that were handled by us.

We offer very aggressive and competitive pricing packages. We work hard to get most orders processed in less than 24 hours. We set up thousands of companies in Nevada.

Many potential clients ask us questions like: “How can you guys afford to be so cheap and stay in business?” “Will you stay in business?”

We are in the top 5 in filing new incorporations per month in Nevada. We basically do a better job than other companies, so we can afford to offer reasonably priced services. We don’t have any telemarketers or any other ineffective advertising. We use state-of-the art-software to manage our operations. It allows us to notify clients about annual requirements by email and keep our operation very organized and efficient.

Any problems with processing please contact my office manager Claire first. Her cell phone is 702-336-3193, And here is my direct contact email.

John Vanhara
Owner of, Inc.


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  • Team AirSchool
    Team AirSchool

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 2 months ago

    Fast, helpful, professional, a pleasure to work with. Special thank you to Erin for guiding us through the process.

    Petr Maňák
    Petr Maňák

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 week ago

    Company was incorporated in 3 days + the customer service is really good

    Thomas Holliday
    Thomas Holliday

    5 out of 5 stars

    posted 1 month ago

    Always prompt, excellent service.

  • The latest testimonial from happy customer from 110 days ago!

    Very efficient and professional.

    03/10/2017 | | KAF Properties LLC

    I used IncParadise first in 2007 to form a Company and now, 10 years later, for other services.
    10 years and still professional, knowledgeable and courteous service.

    03/05/2017 | | Insertdotcom & Property LLC

    A good company to work with. Very efficient and kept me updated on the progress.

    03/01/2017 | | Yappy Global Pets USA LLC

    IncParadise did a great job for me and my company.  Thanks so much for your help.