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Lifetime Registered Agent Conditions and FAQ

Conditions of Lifetime Registered Agent Service:

  • Life Time Registered Agent means that we provide you Registered Agent Service until your company is in ACTIVE status
  • In case that your company is in default, revoked or dissolved status, your Lifetime Registered Agent Service ends

What are definitions of company statuses?
ACTIVE – company is live and in good standing with state
DEFAULT – if company is late with paying of annual fees
REVOKED – after one year of default status, a company becomes revoked
DISSOLVED – when you close your company

Why do you end service when is company in default status?
We can provide registered agent service just for companies with a good standing with a state. We check status of your company annually so then we are able to recognize if we should pay for the next year to our providers.

How can I prevent to not being in default status?
You need to pay your annual fees in time. We are able to help you with filing of these documents so thanks to it, your company will still be in active status and you can enjoy your lifetime registered agent service without annual paying.

Will you notify me about my annual reports?
Yes. Once you use our company for filing of annual reports, you get notifications about your due dates.

Is it really life time service?
Yes. You pay just once and then you don’t need to pay more until your company is in active status.

How can I be sure that you will not end my service earlier?
We provide incorporating services since 2002 and we have thousands of satisfied clients. Thanks to it you can be sure that we will be able to provide you our service in the future.

You can order yout lifetime registered agent there.