Nevada Incorporation
& Registered Agent


Nevada Mail Forwarding $99 per year

Virtual address and mail forwarding in Las Vegas, Nevada.

All mail is entered and scanned DAILY and we will notify immediately by email. You select which mail should be scanned. For example all incoming mail scanned automatically. Or only selected letters when you see who is the sender. We offer several flexible and low cost plans for re-mailing and scanning service.

When you get mail forwarding with us you will receive regular street address in our office building. You don’t get an obvious mailbox retail store. We offer more privacy and more professional image. Over one thousand clients found out that our mail forwarding service works great!

Your new NV address will be:
5348 Vegas Dr. #__, Las Vegas, NV 89108

  1. We notify you by email when mail is received.
  2. Depending on the scheduled mail out (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) your mail will be forwarded to you.
  3. You will also get notification when the mail is sent to you. You can go online change mail out date and frequency.
  4. We can scan and email your mail (or have it uploaded to Dropbox or Google Drive)

You will get free email notification whenever you receive new mail!




We will notify you by email when mail is received.  We try to describe mail received by letting you know the sender name.  For example you will receive an email advising you have received a letter from Wells Fargo.

Scanning of Mail for Mail Forwarding
You can have each new letter received in your mailbox scanned and e-mailed to you as a PDF file. You no longer have to wait on mailing time or have to pay expense postage on mail outs.

There are two options with the scanning feature. Please see below:
Automatic Scanning:
Every letter received will be scanned and sent directly to your email address and uploaded to your account.
Scanning of Select Letters:
In your account you can select the letters individually that you would like scanned for you. This is basic settings for your account.

Prices for scanning are as follows:
$1 for scanning of a letter which is 1 to 10 pages.
$2 for scanning of a letter which is 11 to 20 pages.
$3 for scanning of a letter which is 21 to 30 pages.
Price of scanned mail will be subtracted from your postage.

Available features through our online mail forwarding account:

  1. You can login to your client account and see all received mail.
  2. You can select certain mail and mark it with special instructions on what to you want us to do (for example scan and email to me, or send to different address, etc.). You can mark which mail should be trashed (for example spam mail).
  3. You can choose mail out date and frequency. For example, mail every Monday.
  4. You can put mail on hold.
  5. Change your mail forwarding address online.
  6. You can scan your mail and let it send to your email adress

NotaryCam can be used to notarize the 1583 form instead of taking form personally to notary.  The notary verification is done online.  The service is provided by NotaryCam and the cost is $25.00 per verification.