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1099-MISC filing 50 contractors for $50

Date: 01/25/2010 | Category: QuickBooks | Author: John Vanhara

We can help you with 1099-MISC filings. Provide us a list of your contractors (name, address, EIN or SSN and amount to report). Include your company information (name, address, EIN). Include check or $50 credit card payment and we will file 1099 for you.

Important 1099-MISC Filing Deadlines

Due DatesAction Item
February 1, 2010Last day to provide 1099-MISC forms to recipients.
March 31, 2010Last day to electronically file 1099-MISC forms with the IRS.

If you do need to file 1099-MISC forms, then we can help. Our 1099-MISC E-File service walks you through the entire process. It supports reporting for rents (box 1), independent contractors (box 7), and attorney’s fees (box 14)

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